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These days I don’t buy anything without reading a review much less a bowling ball. Thanks to Amazon and review sites like mine that’s now possible to do so. I’ve bought many bowling balls and many of them I’ve traded because it just wasn’t the right ball for me.  That’s why before I even touch a bowling ball I read reviews from my fellow bowling enthusiasts. I take note of the price, the material, the weight, as well as the balls, hook potential. I also pay attention to how the ball interacts with the lane conditions.

By reading bowling ball reviews, I can compare balls side by side and decide which one I want to buy. This is something that can’t be done at any bowling ball store because well. I don’t want to say it’s impossible but I haven’t found a store that carries enough balls and has a lane for me to compare. Of course, the dude who owns the store is biased since he wants to sell me the most expensive ball to make a buck. Yea, I’m a little cynical when it comes to bowling balls because of damn, I want my bowling game to be on point. I play this game to win!

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There are a couple of sources I’d check for bowling ball reviews. First I’d start online. is a great resource for bowling ball reviews. surprisingly has a good selection of bowling balls to choose from, but there aren’t many reviews. However, a couple of their reviews helped me make my decision to buy the Hammer Black Widow Pearl. (Great ball btw) Of course, a Google search would yield many reviews on your ball of interest. You can consult your fellow bowling enthusiasts, bowling magazines and the customer representatives at your local bowling shop about bowling balls.

A word of caution, be wary of biased reviews such as the ones on the Storm Spitfire site about their own balls. The bowling ball reviews that I like to pick out to read are the ones written by bowlers with the same level of experience. I find that these reviews are most consistent how I feel about the ball. I would also take a professional bowlers advice into consideration since I’m always trying to take my game to the next level so, having a professional’s perspective is always helpful.

I hope this article helps those of you who are in need of a bowling ball but don’t know where to look first when it comes. I know there can be a lot of noise out there about this ball and that ball and I’m going to set it straight. I’m going to write the most unbiased bowling ball reviews ever. So, check back here often.

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